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Why I Gave Up Sugar and How I Lost Weight

If you want to lose or need to lose weight then you have to eat the right foods. I gave up sugar and stuck to it but I had a reason for doing this.

Find out why I gave up sugar. Read on.

Giving up sugar wasn't easy. It was very hard but I had to do it. I had no choice but to give it up. I knew it was the best thing that would be good for me in the long run.

You see, I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. My sugar levels were unbelievably very high and every time I ate sugar it got worse.

When I say it got worse, I mean I had the most terrible ill-health symptoms imaginable happening to me and it got to a situation where I knew I had to abandon sugar forever.

Now, the symptoms I had to endure were awful for me. My high sugar levels made me very ill on and off. Then it got to a point where I was ill all the time and certain things would happen to me. If you suffer from high sugar levels then you might understand what I am talking about.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.com

Here is a list of symptoms that affected me:

1. My hair started to fall out. The high sugar levels made my hair thinner and this meant my scalp could be seen at the top of my head. I hated this happening to me so I tried to cut down what I was eating but I didn't eliminate sugar totally from my diet at first, which is what I should have done.

2. I started having the most awful UTI infections with burning pain when I passed urine. This debilitated me to a point where I couldn't move or do anything. I couldn't go out or enjoy life whilst I was in this way.

3. I started to feel stressed and depressed for no reason. I would have breathing problems which were a type of panic attack or anxiety moments of feeling immense doom.

4. I would get severe pains in my stomach from nerve damage because my sugar levels were out of control. This gave me diarrhea and stopped me from eating normally. High sugar levels can upset your stomach if you are diabetic.

5. I was always catching chest infections or some kind of cold which meant I was terribly run down because of my high sugar levels.

6. I would get the most awful itching all over my body because my sugar levels were high.

7. I would start to get skin rashes that wouldn't go away. This was mostly on my arms but it could just turn up anywhere.

8. I would get the most intense burning or itching feeling in my feet. At first, I thought there was something wrong with them but it turns out, it happens because sugar levels are severely high.

So, all of these symptoms that I was suffering gave me the reason to give up on sugar. I had to do it or I would end up getting worse than I already was. 

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, like I do, then if your sugar levels are very high and you don't rectify it, then you will end up having more serious problems. You could have heart or kidney problems or even liver problems. You could end up having a heart attack if you are overweight or/and you are over 40 years old. High sugar levels can be a serious matter.

So, I decided to give up on sugar and that meant, giving up bad carbs too. I replaced bad carbs with good carbs like green vegetables and some good fruits such as blueberries and apples. Bananas are good too but only have them occasionally throughout the week as I find they can raise sugar levels. 

Of course, because my sugar levels were so high, I had to give up fruit until my levels were down. I tested my blood sugar levels daily at first, but to be honest, I knew when my sugar levels were down because I felt better in myself. I didn't have any health problems once I had given up sugar.

Here is a list of what you should eat if you want to give up sugar and bring your sugar levels down:

Green Vegetables
Fat-free Greek yogurt
Cottage cheese

Photo by Enrico Mantegazza on Unsplash.com

Coffee black
Green tea
English tea with skimmed milk
Drink plenty of water each day. 
Do not drink alcohol if your sugar levels are out of control. You can add 2 glasses of red wine per week once you are into the diet later on, but only once your sugar levels are completely under control.

After your sugar levels are better you can start to add these foods:

Bananas - only 1 banana 2 or 3 times per week.
Blueberries - a handful each day.
Apples - 1 apple per day.
2 slices of Nimble bread per day (low carb bread - 8 grams of carbs in each slice).
Light Mayonnaise
Slim sausages

You can add sweet potatoes into your diet once per week but only if your sugar levels are under control.

If you keep this up, you will lose weight like I did. I lost 7 pounds in my first week. Some of you could lose more in a week.

I felt much better once I kept to this way of eating, so I recommend anyone with high sugar levels with type 2 diabetes to eat this way. Do not eat sugar if you are type 2 diabetic because you will pay for it later on like I did. Remember, if you are suffering from illnesses on a regular basis on top of having diabetes then you know it's time to control your eating habits.


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