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The New Weight Loss Book

How to Not Gain Weight During the Holidays

I have been thinking about how to not gain weight whilst I am on holiday. I am going away for the new year and I want to prevent myself from putting on weight.  Do you know how you can do this?   Well, I think I have found the perfect way to combat weight gain. Do you want to know more? Read on to find out...

Do You Need to Trim the Fat on Your Thighs? Workout Videos That You Can Follow at Home

Losing fat isn't easy. Like any woman, the thighs are the most important. We need better workouts to lose fat in these awkward places if we want to wear tight jeans or swimwear. Do you agree? I know I do.  So how can we lose fat from our thighs to lose weight fast? 

The Lighterlife Diet Plan

The Lighterlife Diet is a weight loss plan who supplies their own food. It consists of soups, milkshakes, dinners, and bars along with breakfast meals, such as porridge. Lose weight faster with this plan!

Drinking Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

I found some lovely tasting  Green Tea   at my local  Tesco  store recently and now I drink it at least four times per day. Green tea can help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet. I class it as a weight loss tea because it can help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet. Does it help with weight loss? You bet it does! I know because I have been drinking it and have lost weight!

The Most Important Products You Will Need for a Weight Loss Regime

I have been listing all the great things that I want to buy for my weight loss journey. Amazon has the best deals from what I have seen so far and so I thought I would share them with you here. Take a look below.

Have You Tried the Lighterlife Diet?

LighterLife is a popular weight loss diet for many women these days. The products can be used alongside the 5:2 diet. There is lots of information about LighterLife online if you are interested in knowing more especially if you want to lose weight fast.

A Fat Burning Meal Plan

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - Fish I came across this fat burning diet, nutritious meal plan by chance when I was searching on the internet for a healthy way of dieting and to find something that would help me lose weight fast. Other than doing the Chemical Diet Plan  this fat burning diet meal plan was another way for me to lose weight. I am Diabetic Type 2 and I am always looking for a healthy Diabetic diet that is compatible with medical weight loss. The following fat burning diet meal plan looks completely healthy, so I am going to give it a go and use it for my diet this week. Find out more...

The 30 Day Squat Challenge is a Great Way to Start a Fitness Regime

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Coral Bay Cyprus) Has anyone heard of the 30-day squat challenge to help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet? The 30-day squat challenge is a motivating exercise challenge, but doing much less exercise than usual. You can do this 30-day squat challenge if you are on a fast weight loss diet like the Chemical Diet . Here it is:

Can the Chemical Diet Give You a Flat Stomach?

The Chemical Die t is a one week diet where you can lose up to one stone. Can doing the Chemical Diet give you a flat stomach? Why not try it out! Find out more below.

Drink Rooibos Tea For a Healthy Slim Life

Have you tried Rooibos tea  to lose weight fast?  It's a sweet herbal tea that will benefit your health and encourage weight loss.  I have bought this tea just recently and have been drinking it daily for 2 weeks now. It has definitely made a difference for me. It has helped me burn fat to lose weight fast.

An Exercise Regime That Will Fire Up Your Metabolism

Do you need an exercise regime that will help you lose weight fast? If so, then here are three videos of workouts that I have found on Youtube just by chance. I was looking for an easy exercise regime that would ultimately do the trick for me and help me lose weight fast. I was certain I wouldn't find one until I looked on Youtube.    Now, I am going to share all three right here... for you all to see.

Lose a Stone in One Week

Would you like to lose up to one stone in one week? If you would, then try this incredible diet. It's a medical weight loss regime for one week and it's great as a Diabetic diet so you can lose weight fast. It's similar to the James Duncan Diet 2018. The James Duncan Diet 2018 known as the Chemical Diet Plan has worked for many people who are desperate to lose weight fast including me. It can do wonders for your image too! Read on to find out more...

The Advantage of the Chemical Diet Plan Where You Can Lose a Stone in One Week

Have you seen the James Duncan Diet  reviews  which are the  Chemical Diet 7 day menu where you can lose a stone in one week? The James Duncan Diet 2018 Chemical Diet Plan is a one-week menu diet plan where you can lose a stone. Read my original article about it here  titled The Chemical Diet Where You Can Lose a Stone.

Emily Atack 'Inbetweeners' Star Loses One Stone in 3 weeks

Emily Atack,  the English actress and the  Inbetweeners  star lost one stone in 3 weeks eating so little and she didn't even do the Chemical Diet  which is a weight loss plan where you can lose up to one stone. Her eating plan wasn't varied like the Chemical Diet but it is easier to do. Now I will do the same to see if works. Find out how she did it! Emily Atack in Dancing on Ice - Wikimedia Commons

Skinny is Best Kindle Book on Amazon Worldwide

Skinny is Best by Denise James is now on Kindle at Amazon UK and Amazon worldwide.  Skinny is Best by Denise James on Amazon UK

3 Step Plan to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Do you need to lose weight fast?  Is there such a thing as losing weight fast? Here are three simple steps you can take to lose weight fast!

Low-Carb Dieting and Taking Metformin for Diabetes - Is it Safe?

So you have type 2 Diabetes but you need to lose weight and want to try a low-carb diet. What should you do? Are you on Metformin tablets?  Should you carry on taking them if you start a low-carb diet plan? Find out more below.

A Food Diet Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight Immediately

Watch the video of a food plan that will help you lose weight fast or immediately, but only if you stick to the diet. It's called the Chemical Diet Plan or the James Duncan Diet Plan as it is sometimes known as.

Lose Two Stone on the Two-Week Chemical Diet

Do you need to lose weight fast? Do you need to lose two stone within two weeks?  If so, then the two-week Chemical Diet plan truly can work for someone who really needs to shift weight quickly! Read on...

Skinny is Best on Kindle and Paperback

Skinny is Best is an ebook out on Kindle and Paperback.

Lose Weight on the Three Day Diet Plan

Kickstart your diet using the three-day diet plan. Check it out here. Read on...

Which is the Best? Exante Diet or Saints & Slimmers

Have you heard of the Saints & Slimmers' diet plan? They are just like the Exante Diet plan a website where you can order healthy diet food. Saints & Slimmers do the same kind of plan but the Exante diet has been running for many years. If you like doing the 5:2 Diet, then you can use the Saints & Slimmers diet or the Exante diet the rest of the time whilst being on the 5:2 diet. If not, then you can just follow one of the Saints & Slimmers' or Exante diet plans. Find out more... Skinny is Best book on sale on Amazon

Can a Low-Carb Diet Reverse Diabetes?

Are you on the verge of getting Diabetes? Have you been told you are almost nearly Diabetic because your blood glucose levels are getting higher? Well, I am one of those people. Try the low carb diet. It's a Diabetic diet to lose weight fast. I did it. You can reverse your Diabetes using this Diabetic diet. It's a medical weight loss plan that could change your life! Read on to find out more...

Try the GAPS Diet for a Healthy Weight Loss Regime

What is the GAPS Diet? Have you heard of it? The GAPS Diet is a healthy way of eating plus it will help you lose weight. Learn more by reading this post...

Easy Exercising at Home Tips

So, do you want to get in shape? Right now? Well, read on to find out more...

Can You Drop a Dress Size in Five Days?

Would you like to drop a dress size in five days? Well, now it can be done if you follow the drop a dress size diet meal plan.  Check out the meal plan here.