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Drinking Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

I found some lovely tasting Green Tea at my local Tesco store recently and now I drink it at least four times per day. Green tea can help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet. I class it as a weight loss tea because it can help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet.

Does it help with weight loss? You bet it does!

I know because I have been drinking it and have lost weight!

It has helped me a lot because my metabolism seems to be working much better now. Before I was drinking Oolong tea, which also helped, but I ran out of this tea and I didn't bother getting any more for a while.

So when it was time to go shopping a few weeks ago, I saw a box of Green Tea with lemon sitting on a shelf. I looked at it and saw it was made by Tesco and selling at just 75 pence each. So, I bought a box, because for that price you can't go wrong.

When I used all of the tea bags in that box, I then vowed to buy another one when I went shopping next. Of course, I ended up going to a smaller Tesco store and they weren't selling any Tesco brand Green tea with lemon, so I ended up buying the Tetley's Green Tea with Lemon. They are not bad but I did think the Tesco brand tasted good and Tetley is selling theirs for £2.15 but I bought them anyway.

Taken by myself

Although I have had both brands, I do think they each work in the same way and the cheaper Tesco brand of Green tea with lemon has a better taste to it in my opinion and it's cheaper.  You can also buy a pack of 20 teabags of lemon green tea from Twinings for £2.69 which isn't too bad if Tesco runs out of their own brand.

Drinking Green tea with lemon has quickened my metabolism as I have been losing at least 4 to 6lbs weekly. All I need to do now is lose 2 more stone to get to my ideal weight. I have also tried the Green tea without any flavor in it. Lately, I have been drinking it much more than usual and I can tell you, it helps with my aching body as I do suffer from arthritis.

So, what is in Green Tea?

According to the website Stylecraze they make the following statement about Green tea which is as follows: "Green tea contains an active antioxidant called Catechins. The catechins known as Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) helps to boost metabolism and burn fat. It helps to mobilize the fat by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down a hormone called norepinephrine. This increases the level of norepinephrine. Of course, norepinephrine signals the fat cells to break down fat. Green tea also contains a generous amount of caffeine that stimulates weight loss."

Stylecraze also gives a 2-day diet plan for the Green Tea Diet and tells you how to do it. I have been doing something similar to their diet but in my own way. (You can see my diet plan below).

You can buy other Green tea that has other flavors through it like peppermint or mint.

Taken by myself

The Green Tea Diet

There is a diet that you can do when drinking Green tea called the Green tea diet. Here is an example of the meal plan I have been using:


First thing in the morning: 1 cup of green tea with lemon add more lime juice if you wish for extra benefits
Breakfast an hour later: 2 boiled eggs with 2 tablespoons of fat-free Greek yogurt

Pre-lunch: 1 cup of green tea with lemon
Lunch: Chicken salad or tuna salad 
Post-Lunch: half a cup of yogurt

Pre-Dinner: 1 cup of green tea with lemon
Dinner: Grilled salmon with tomato and asparagus or mushroom clear soup

Make sure you drink the Green tea with lemon an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 2

Early morning: 1 cup green tea with lemon plus a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder
Breakfast: Oatmeal

Pre-Lunch: 1 cup of green tea with lemon
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad or spinach and broccoli salad
Post-Lunch: fruit

Pre-Dinner: 1 cup of green tea with lemon
Dinner: Basa fish with green vegetables + 1 tablespoon of Greek nonfat yogurt

For more ideas and information about dieting like this: see Stylecraze online.

Thanks for reading...

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  1. Buy Green Tea, Oolong tea, Green tea with lemon offer finest flavor & health benefits.IdealShape coupon

  2. Love drinking green tea and now I will drink the tesco one.

  3. So true, I also had a similar experience. I have been drinking green tea for the past 3 weeks and within this time itself, I have seen great changes; lost a couple of pounds, skin is becoming fairer and I always feel full which reduces my craving for food. I think everyone who is on a diet plan should try the
    Green tea


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