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A Fat Burning Meal Plan

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - Fish I came across this fat burning diet, nutritious meal plan by chance when I was searching on the internet for a healthy way of dieting and to find something that would help me lose weight fast. Other than doing the Chemical Diet Plan  this fat burning diet meal plan was another way for me to lose weight. I am Diabetic Type 2 and I am always looking for a healthy Diabetic diet that is compatible with medical weight loss. The following fat burning diet meal plan looks completely healthy, so I am going to give it a go and use it for my diet this week. Find out more...

The 30 Day Squat Challenge is a Great Way to Start a Fitness Regime

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Coral Bay Cyprus) Has anyone heard of the 30-day squat challenge to help you lose weight fast whilst on a weight loss diet? The 30-day squat challenge is a motivating exercise challenge, but doing much less exercise than usual. You can do this 30-day squat challenge if you are on a fast weight loss diet like the Chemical Diet . Here it is: