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The New Weight Loss Book

The 30 Day Crunch Challenge is a Good Way to Start a Fitness Regime

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Victoria in London) Has anyone heard of the 30-day crunch challenge to lose weight fast? I was given this challenge by a friend who told me about it. The fitness challenge has been around for a while but I thought I would bring back into play and kickstart my fitness regime!  The 30-day crunch challenge will get you motivated into doing exercise but doing much less exercise than usual per day if you wish.

Yoyo Mats for a Great Workout

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org Do you use exercise mats when you are  working out ? What about a  yoga mat ? Check out a different kind of exercise mat called Yoyo mats ! Find out more...

Curb Hunger Whilst You Lose Weight

To lose weight , you mostly need to reduce your daily calorie intake. Most diets for weight loss often lead to increased appetite and severe hunger problems. This can make it difficult to lose weight and then keep it off. I have looked for a solution to this problem and I think I have found it. Find out how you can curb hunger below.

A Food Plan to Help You Lose 10 Pounds

Do you need to lose 10 pounds ?  Here is a diet food plan that will help you lose 10 pounds in no time on a weight loss diet!

Lose Weight on the Lemon Drink Diet

Do you think you could be motivated to lose weight and lose 10 pounds in a week by using the Lemon Drink Diet ? Well, I know I would be. Here is a diet plan that I have found, where you can lose 10 pounds within one week! All you have to do is stick to it. So, can you do that? Read on to find out more...

Burst Train to Lose Fat at Home

I have been researching easier ways to exercise from home, so here is what I have found out about Burst Training at home to lose fat whilst on a weight loss diet.

A One Week Meal Plan to Help You Lose 20 Pounds

Do you need to shift some weight within a week or two? If you do, then why not check out this great meal plan that will help you to lose at least one stone to 20 pounds. The meal plan is a healthy one and can be classed as a great Diabetes diet for Diabetics type 2 like myself. Find out more...

Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

If you have just realised that you are out of time to lose weight for that big event you have to go to next month, then all is not lost. Just follow the tips below if you want to lose weight fast. There is always something you can do to help you lose weight fast. Read on to find out more.

A Guaranteed Meal Plan That Will Help You Lose Inches Every Week

Would you like to lose  inches  around your tummy? I have discovered an inch loss plan that can help you lose weight fast. It's so simple that anyone can do it. A friend of mine did it and lost 3 inches from her tummy within two weeks. Read on to find out more...

Mustard for Weight Loss on a Two Day High Protein Diet

Did you know that using mustard on your food can be beneficial to weight loss fast? Having mustard on your food whilst on a weight loss diet is a way forward if you enjoy condiments.

Did You Know that Drinking Red Wine Can Help With Weight Loss?

Well, I have heard that drinking a glass or two of red wine each evening before going to bed can help you with weight loss so if you need to lose weight fast then buy some red wine. Can you believe it? Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org Not sure I can, but I looked into it and here's what I found out. Read on to find out more...

Losing One Stone on the Chemical Diet - Have You Tried It?

I thought I would let everyone know how I have been doing on  The Chemical Diet  Plan . I wrote an article about it, so if you haven't read it then head on over there to read it now . It can help you lose a stone in one week and it's a medical weight loss plan. You can lose weight fast! Photo credit:en.wikipedia.org

Do This Instead of Exercise to Burn Fat

I found the perfect video for people who want to lose weight fast. Why not watch the video in this blog post because it will help you to understand why exercise is no use if you cannot eat the right food! Check it out!

The 5-4-3-2-1 Workout That Everyone is Talking About

I don't know what you have heard about exercise regimes, but I have heard about the 5-4-3-2-1 workout that I greatly recommend for those that cannot do too much exercise and want to lose weight fast.

The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan That Will Motivate You to Lose Weight

Have you ever found a diet  where no calories need to be counted?  I have found a diet plan that was promoted by Dr. Oz. It's called the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan. People have sworn by this way of dieting and how it has done wonders for them. So read on to lose weight fast. Check out a video about it by Dr. Oz: Read on here...

The Dietland Theory

Have you seen the new tv show called Dietland ? It's a great show about wanting to lose weight fast. A fiction storyline that will help you to learn more about weight-loss diets. It's based on Sarai Walker's novel Dietland where a theory is shared to help women overcome their horror with life or with being fat. So, are you overweight right now? If you are, then the Dietland Theory may be for you.

Have You Tried the new Weight Watchers Freestyle Diet?

Have you heard of the new Weight Watchers Freestyle diet? Do you enjoy using Weight Watchers as your main weight loss diet plan? If you do, then you will be happy to hear about their new way of dieting to lose weight fast! Find out below... Read on...

The Dukan Diet Attack Phase is Worth Doing

The Dukan Diet plan is a French diet designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan who wrote a book about it. I have, in the past, followed this diet and in 11 days I lost a total of 12 pounds. It's a great way to lose weight fast. Anyone can lose weight on the Dukan Diet plan even Diabetics like me. It was easy and I still lost more weight every day after those 11 days.   Here is what I did during my first 10 days on the Dukan Diet.

A Weight Watchers Diet Food Plan Using Pro Points

Would you like to lose a decent amount of weight within three months? Are you going away on holiday and need to look your best in the new swimwear you have bought? Lose weight fast using this weight loss diet. Well, why not try the Weight Watchers Diet using pro points. Apparently, Weight Watchers have now changed to a new plan, which is using Smart Points, but I am going to try their new way next time. For now, I want to talk about the diet food I have set up for myself from their pro points plan and their own foods. Want to read more? Read on...

The Weight Watchers' Calculator

Photo credit: Morguefile.com Have you ever used the Weight Watchers' Pro Points calculator whilst doing the Weight Watchers' Diet? I  have, as I have been using this diet lately.

The Weight Watchers' Diet Foods That You Can Buy in Supermarkets

The Weight Watchers' Diet is an easy weight loss diet to do.  Here is a bit of information about the foods you can eat.

The Weight Watchers Pro Points System Diet and How it Works

Photo credit: morguefile.com Did you know that the Weight Watchers'  Diet has a Pro Points system allowance that you can stick  to, which will give you an extra 49 Pro Points to use at the  weekends?  I have been doing this diet lately and I find it easy to  manage.