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Skinny is Best gives information on ways to diet and along with some weight loss tips to help you lose those stubborn pounds. The reason why I named my book Skinny is Best along with this website is that I believe skinny is best for a diabetic like me.

The Chemical Diet is talked about on this blog along with giving you the food plan for it. I am Type 2 Diabetic, so, everything I blog about should be compatible with diabetics.

Every tip, diet or product and information that I talk about is something I have experienced myself first hand. There will be posts on diets, weight loss pills or exercise plans along with special diets that can promote fast weight loss. I will, also, share information on any weight loss product that I have come across, used or attempted to try.

The tips and ideas on how best to diet and lose weight will be posted regularly here, so keep a lookout each day/week for them, as I will regularly update this blog.

Make the most of this blog by checking in regularly to see what's new with the weight loss industry, weight loss pills or even new exercise programs and diet food plans that can help you on your journey to a new slim body.

Have fun reading this blog. Learn about new diets and handy tips to help you lose those excess pounds.

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