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The Dietland Theory

Have you seen the new tv show called Dietland? It's a great show about wanting to lose weight fast. A fiction storyline that will help you to learn more about weight-loss diets.

It's based on Sarai Walker's novel Dietland where a theory is shared to help women overcome their horror with life or with being fat. So, are you overweight right now? If you are, then the Dietland Theory may be for you.

Dietland is a comedy, drama tv series about a fat lady called Plum (played by Joy Nash) who really wants to lose weight. She is so sure that she has decided to have gastric bypass surgery to make her thin. No one wants her to do it except for Plum. She is so desperate that she joins a women's group where she is paid money to have her surgery but as long as she has therapy with them to like herself again. 

Plum also works hard ghostwriting for a top magazine called Daisy Chain where all the women who work there are super slim. Plum has no place there so she is forced to work from home. She is a great cake maker too, which she hates doing because she is trying to lose weight and doesn't want to be tempted to eat it.

The story is a bit dystopian. The other plot is made up of a group of vigilante women who target and assassinate rapists. Two corporate enterprises run by well-meaning women: Daisy Chain, the magazine for teen girls headed by role model Kitty Montgomery (played by Julianna Margulies), and the Baptist Plan, a fad diet popular during Plum's youth that has since been shuttered by heiress and diet skeptic Verena Baptist (played by Robin Weigert), who now runs the women's refuge group where Plum has been drawn to because of her dilemma for wanting to be thin and have gastric bypass surgery.

Julia Margulies

I thought it was weird to watch at first but now I am hooked. You can watch it on Amazon Prime if you are in the UK or on AMC in the United States.

The Dietland Theory for Fat People

As the show continues on, Plum is pulled in by Verena Baptist who runs her home as a refuge to help women overcome their horrors in life. For Plum, it is the horror of her body being fat, so Verena tells her she will help her overcome this and eventually get Plum to like herself just as she is now. Apparently, this way of seeing yourself can work for anyone in any situation or problem that a woman has with herself. Watch Dietland if you want to learn more.

Can this work?

Well... in Dietland we see Plum moving into Verena's home where she receives talking therapy sessions and in these sessions, she is told to love herself again and to eat whatever she wants until she is sick of it. Apparently, this theory is to help fat people love themselves as they are now and not to be obsessed with losing weight as Plum is with having gastric bypass surgery. Eat... eat... eat... until you can no longer take it anymore!! That's their motto in Dietland! 

So, can this way of looking at food be a way out for overweight people? Will it work for you to look at food and eat it to your heart's content?

If you believe this then read my article titled The Secret to Losing Weight Positively because it will help you psychologically when using the Dietland Theory.

What to do First

If you are serious about this and want to look at dieting in a different light like Plum did then follow the steps below.

1. First, read The Secret to Losing Weight Postitively
2. Then eat whatever you want until you are full but use the theory The Secret to Losing Weight Positively alongside it.
3. Believe in yourself and love your body by doing your favourite exercise, such as, walking or running or going to the gym.
4. If you want to follow a program then follow Noom
5. You can download the Noom app on your mobile.
6. Live your life happily!
7. Smile every day and be positive with your life!
8. Always be honest with yourself.
9. Wear what you want to wear.
10. Make yourself beautiful by always either having your nails done, hair and makeup done or having beauty treatments regularly.
11. Take on a new hobby... whatever makes you feel happy. It can be singing, art, yoga or anything you fancy.
12. If you feel angry at any time then sit and relax by closing your eyes for five minutes and think of nothing. Just breathe.

So, that's it. Give it a go. It may not be for you or you might want to follow a pacific diet like Weight Watchers or Slimming World but that's okay too. Do whatever you want but follow the steps above for a more perfect effect because it will help you feel more delighted in yourself. You will start to glow like Plum did in Dietland.

If you don't believe me, then just watch the tv show. Plum started to feel less angry with herself. She was full of life and happiness came easy for her once she understood herself. She felt exuberant with life as if she was on a constant high. You might think that this is just fiction but it can really work for anyone. Wouldn't you love to feel that way every day? I know I would and I will once I get going on this plan.

So, give it a try and let us know what you did and how you did it by commenting below. Let us know if The Secret to Losing Weight Positively worked for you and how did it work? Did you believe in yourself first then lose weight? Did you eat food positively? Did you eat as much as you wanted? Did you eventually lose the weight? How did you feel? What happened? Tell us all about it!

Share your thoughts below as we would love to hear them.



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