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Cutting Back on Carbs for Diabetes or Just for Weight Loss

Are you Type 2 Diabetic? Have you ever thought of cutting back on carbs either to manage your Diabetes or for a healthy weight loss regime to combat medical weight loss and to lose weight fast? 

If your answer is yes, then read on. Lately, since the holidays, I have been eating more and so I have not been eating like I should. So, I have adopted my healthier eating plan for my Type 2 Diabetes. Check it out because it can help you lose weight and put your blood sugar levels down.

I was pre-diabetic for a long time and couldn't get my levels to go down and then one day, my glucose rose to such a high level that I could no longer prevent not going on medication. I have been diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes and I am currently taking Metformin. Learn how my low carb diet has helped me to lose weight fast on a medical weight loss diet.

Medical Weight Loss on a Low Carb Diet
I have cut out most carbs and sugar lately because I now have Type 2 Diabetes. I want to take it seriously. Eating a low carbohydrate diet has helped me to lose quite a bit of weight lately and it has lowered my glucose levels. Apparently, if you eat up to 100 grams of carbs per day it will help control your Diabetes blood sugar levels and it can help you lose weight fast.

I have to eat this way because before, I was eating too much of foods like fruit and carbs, which to be honest, made me feel worse and made my sugar levels rise higher. Also, too many carbohydrates were making my sugar levels rise in a way that can be dangerous for Diabetic people. I hadn't realized that overeating carbs could do such a thing.

Today, I eat better. I have been eating much less than 100 grams of carbs per day by eating mostly protein and fiber. I have been losing between 3 to 8 pounds per week from eating this way. The one thing I can't have at present is the fruit because it seems to make my glucose levels rise, according to my glucose meter reading which I check after each meal. Of course, if you aren't diabetic, then add some fruit to your daily diet if you wish. 

I do eat blueberries in moderation adding them in whenever I buy them but this every second week.

Here is a typical three-day diet plan giving you an idea of what I have stuck to :

Day 1

1 slice of nimble wholemeal bread toasted with no spread (carbs 8 grams per slice, 51 calories per slice) 
2 boiled eggs (no carbs)
Total carbs 8 grams
Total calories: 252

100 grams of a skinless chicken breast (no carbs)
A salad consisting of 2 cherry tomatoes, 5 slices of cucumber (total of about 5 grams of healthy carbs)
100 grams of Fat-free Greek yogurt (carbs 7 grams)
Total carbs 12 grams
Total calories: 200

1 salmon cooked in the oven (no carbs)
100 grams of Mixed vegetables consisting of broccoli, carrots, peas, and cauliflower boiled (carbs 8 grams)
100 grams of Onions boiled (carbs is 4 grams)
1 weight watchers strawberry yogurt which is my sweet tooth dessert for the day (carbs 7 grams)
Total carbs 19
Total calories: 245

Total Carbs of 39 grams on the first day
Total calories for the first day: 697

Day 2

2 slices of Nimble bread toasted (carbs 16 grams)
30 grams of Lightest Philadelphia soft cheese spread on toast (carbs 2 grams)
Total carbs 18 grams
Total calories: 149 calories

Vegetable noodle soup in a mug - healthy living from Tesco (carbs 10 grams)
1 slice of Nimble whole bread (carbs 8 grams)
Total carbs 18 grams
Total calories: 100

1 skinless Chicken breast  (no carbs)
100 grams Mixed vegetables consisting of broccoli, peas, carrots, and cauliflower (8 grams)
100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese topped over chicken (carbs 6 grams)
Desert: 1 weight watchers strawberry yogurt (carbs 7 grams)
Evening snack: 50 grams of Almonds (about 15 almonds; which lowers glucose levels (carbs 10 grams; calories 200)
Total days carbs are 31
Total calories: 515

Total carbs for the second day is 57 grams
Total calories for the day: 764

Day 3

2 tablespoons of oat bran (carbs 20 grams)
100 grams of Fat-free Greek yogurt (carbs 6 grams)
Mix oat bran in with the yogurt and eat.
1 boiled egg (no carbs)
Total carbs 26
Total calories: 185

Asparagus onion soup boiled (20 grams carbs) with one nimble slice of wholemeal bread (carbs 8 grams) Total: 28 grams Total calories: 151
Sandwich made with 2 slices of Nimble wholemeal bread (16 grams)
30 grams of Lightest Philadelphia soft cheese spread (carbs 2 grams) Total carbs 18 Total calories: 149

1 grilled steak (no carbs)
100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese (carbs 6 grams)
100 grams mixed vegetables consisting of broccoli, peas, carrots and cauliflower (carbs 8 grams)
Desert: 150 grams of Avocado  (carbs 10 grams) (198 calories)
Total carbs 24
Total calories: 458

Total carbs for the third day is 68 grams
Total calories for the day is 793

Eating oat bran and avocado can reduce glucose levels considerably.

Also, drink at least 10 200ml glasses of water per day.

Also, walk for at least 30 minutes per day or do some light exercise because this will reduce sugar levels if they go up.

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Good luck!

Watch a few videos about low carbohydrate diets and Diabetes management diets below.

Check out an article about the Chemical Diet; it's a 7-day Chemical diet that will help you lose up to one stone in one week. Don't believe me? Find out more here: 
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