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Go Down a Dress Size Within Two Weeks Using Weight Watchers

Have you ever thought of doing a simple diet to manage your weight loss? What about the Weight Watchers diet or Slimming World; do you believe they work?

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For many years, we have heard of women and men losing weight by attending Weight Watchers and Slimming World meetings. In my opinion, they do seem to work for a lot of people and I always hear of women who have lost a lot of weight by attending a meeting each week. With all the information I had read about, I decided to do the Weight Watchers diet for a couple of weeks to see if it would work for me.

The Weight Watchers diet has a different system now using smart points and the new freestyle weight watchers where most foods are zero points, but I decided to do the pro points system as I have done it before. It allows 29 pro points per day and you are allowed an extra 49 pro points at the weekend if you want to use them.  These extra points helped me if I decided that I wanted to treat myself with something nice like a couple of glasses of wine. Certain foods are also zero points on this plan, such as fruit, vegetables, and salad.

I have, also, heard that drinking Whey Pure Protein shakes on the diet can help with energy levels. I plan to drink two protein shakes per day; one for breakfast and one at lunchtime.  I calculated the pro points for the pure protein shake that I bought from the GNC shop in my area and it calculates to 5 pro points for two scoops mixed with 350 ml of water.  This shake has helped me to feel more energetic when I do exercise and I believe it helped me lose weight.

Here are two days of a typical Weight Watchers diet meal plan without the shakes. This meal plan helped me to lose weight.

Breakfast Pro Points
Oat Bran 1 ½ tablespoon – 4
mixed with Low Fat Greek yogurt – 2

1 can of Weight Watchers’ chicken soup – 2
2 slices of wholemeal bread – 2
1 weight watchers yogurt – 1

A cup of tea with skimmed milk - 1
2 rich tea biscuits - 1
1 pear - 0

1 skinless chicken breast – 6
mixed vegetables – 0
A salad consisting of celery, cucumber, and tomatoes - 0
1 weight watchers yogurt – 1

Late Snack
1 weight watchers hot chocolate - 2
1 wholemeal slice of bread - 1
Tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese - 1

Total 25 pro points

2 boiled eggs - 4
2 tablespoons of Greek low-fat yogurt – 2
Half a pint of Skimmed Milk for the day – 3 (to have in tea or coffee)

1 weight watchers yogurt - 1

1 lentil and carrot weight watchers can of soup – 2
1 slice of wholemeal bread - 1
1 banana – 0
3 sticks of celery – 0
diet salad cream – 1

1 pear – 0

weight watcher meal – 6
french beans and veg – 0
1 yogurt – 1
1 apple - 0

Late Snack
2 rich tea biscuits -1
1 scone – 4

Total 26 pro points

As you can see from the above, I have done well. I kept my pro points for each day lower than what was recommended because doing it this way helped’ to lose more weight.

Drinking Herbal Tea

The other thing that I usually add to my diet is Oolong tea or Green tea instead of too much coffee or ordinary tea because most people use milk in their tea and coffee. Oolong tea helps with hunger pangs if you drink at least 3 cups per day or at least that is what I have felt since drinking this tea about 10 months ago.


As for exercise, I have been out walking and doing my regular inch loss exercises from a Youtube video that I found (see below). Plus, I have been using my exercise bike and my lateral thigh stepper machine again. Hopefully, this will help with my weight loss journey.


How Much Weight Did I Lose?

After two weeks of doing the Weight Watchers pro points diet, I have managed to lose 10 pounds (just over half stone). This was a unique goal for me and now it has made me want to continue the diet further for another two weeks to see if I can lose another 10 pounds and hopefully, I can reach my goal and lose two stone.

So, has anyone else tried the Weight Watchers pro points diet? Did you lose weight on it? I would love to hear your comments about how you got on. Please feel free to leave one.

Try another diet called The Chemical Diet where you can lose up to one stone in one week.


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