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Six High Protein Foods To Eat With Eggs For Faster Weight Loss

Did you know there are five high protein foods that are better than eating eggs? Lose weight fast with these foods. It's healthy if you are Diabetic like myself.

Apparently, if you eat certain foods with eggs, it will pack even more protein. In this post, I have listed some surprising foods that have more protein than eggs.

Find out more...

I eat these foods all the time.

Photo credit: commons-wikimedia.org

1.   Spinach

Spinach is a good source of iron, calcium and has a lot of protein. It has a rich plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and folate, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.  

Use spinach with salads and add it to either your omelette or scrambled eggs.  Keep eating this recipe for a few days for weight loss.

2. Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with the antioxidant lycopene, which studies show can decrease your risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin, stomach cancers and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. 

Eat tomatoes with salads and add them to your omelette.

Photo credit: en.wikimedia.org

3.  Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is Swiss cheese. It contains 30% more protein than an egg in one slice.

Eat this cheese with eggs and spinach.

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

4.   Chick Pea Flour

Chick Pea flour is high in iron, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Use it to cook all kinds of recipes for a healthy meal. For instance, use it when cooking omelettes, french toast, crepes and pancakes. I have used Chick Pea flour when cooking omelettes and it comes out more tasty than without it.

5.   Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are crunchy and are a winner.  One cup contains twice as much protein as an egg.  They are high in iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

Add pumpkin seeds to salads, yoghurt, or eat as a snack on their own.  They are delicious. I always eat them as a snack.

6.  Kamut

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org 

Kamut is an ancient grain.  It has a lot of protein. It's high in magnesium, potassium and iron in one cup.  Eating Kamut can reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation in the body.

You can eat Kamut with salads or on its own. I eat it with salad and eggs.


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