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Lose Two Stone on the Two-Week Chemical Diet

Do you need to lose weight fast? Do you need to lose two stone within two weeks? If so, then the two-week Chemical Diet plan truly can work for someone who really needs to shift weight quickly!

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How to Lose Weight Fast
I have found another way of losing weight. This time instead of doing the one-week Chemical Diet, there is a two-week Chemical Diet. If you want to a longer diet then try the following weight loss plan.

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Here is the menu food plan for the two-week Chemical Diet, which is suitable for Diabetics.

Menu Food Plan

Breakfast: Same each morning: Grapefruit, 1 or 2 eggs, and coffee.


Lunch:  Fruit salad. Any fruit will do.
Dinner: 2 eggs, green salad, 1 piece dry wholemeal toast,
               grapefruit, coffee.


Lunch:  Cold chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit.

Dinner: Steak, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, cucumber, olives, coffee.


Lunch:  Eggs, tomatoes, coffee.

Dinner: 2 Lamb chops, celery, cucumber, tomatoes.


Lunch:  Fruit salad (same as Monday).

Dinner: 2 eggs, cottage cheese, cabbage, 1 piece dry wholemeal


Lunch:   Eggs, spinach, coffee or green tea.

Dinner:  Fish, green salad, 1 piece of dry toast, grapefruit.


Lunch:    2 eggs, spinach, coffee.

Dinner:    Steak, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, coffee or green tea.


Lunch:      Fruit salad (same as Monday).

Dinner:     Chicken, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage,
                   grapefruit, coffee or green tea.

What You Cannot Have on the Two-Week Chemical Diet

No Alcohol
No substitutes

Abstain from anything that is not included in the diet and do eat only what is assigned rather than go without. Do not change lunch for dinner, or vice versa.


All vegetables without butter, salads without oil or dressing, lean parts of meat and nothing fried. Coffee black, tea clear with lemon - no sugar or milk. Green tea is allowed.

You should lose about 20 to 28 pounds in 2 weeks. The basis of the diet is chemical and you will maintain normal energy while reducing weight. Quantities of food are not important except where indicated.

Check out the one-week Chemical Diet here.

Good luck!


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