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Emily Atack 'Inbetweeners' Star Loses One Stone in 3 weeks

Emily Atack, the English actress and the Inbetweeners star lost one stone in 3 weeks eating so little and she didn't even do the Chemical Diet which is a weight loss plan where you can lose up to one stone. Her eating plan wasn't varied like the Chemical Diet but it is easier to do.

Now I will do the same to see if works.

Find out how she did it!

Emily Atack in Dancing on Ice - Wikimedia Commons
Emily Atack who is the Inbetweeners star who played Charlotte Hinchcliffe lost one stone during her time on the ITV reality series, which she is a contestant celeb eating little food and where celebs have to compete to win food on Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Contestants had to survive on a diet of mostly rice and beans and Emily revealed how it changed her body.

After the show, Emily Atack said: "I just wanted to lose a bit of weight so that when I get home and it’s Christmas I have a bit of room and can put it back on again. I just love food so much, I love cheese and champagne and salads, fries, yum."

She revealed in the Dailystar how she left the Australian jungle on Celebrity Get Me Out of Here feeling how much it had changed her attitude towards eating.

She said, " Can't believe the amount of articles and comments about my bod. Some good, some bad. I will never use a Slimming App ever again.

We are all different shapes and sizes. We are all unique."

She had previously spoken about her weight before saying to the Sun: "There have been auditions where they've said nicely, 'Would you be willing to go to the gym for this role?'

"I find it so hard to lose weight, it takes me weeks and weeks of dieting and training just to lose three pounds.

"I'm on camera all the time so being body confident is important. I'm a believer in feeling good in your skin so I put bikini pics on my Instagram."

Emily also spoke to the Guardian about how her body shaped her career.

"My body was becoming way more womanly, and I wasn't looking like the girl next door anymore."

View Emily Atack on Instagram! See how she looks now!

Emily Atack and Fred Palascak in Dancing on Ice - Wikimedia Commons
She continued: " I so badly want to sit here and go: 'I love my body.' But I can't lie and say it doesn't upset me when I get called fat."

On the Sara Cox Show, Emily talked about her weight struggles.

"It's partly because I'm a woman and I have my hang-ups, we all do."

So can a diet of rice and beans help you lose one stone?

It certainly might! But how long can you eat a diet consisting of rice and beans?

Apparently, the show lasts for three weeks. Eating rice and beans for three weeks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be a bit of a harsh thing to do to lose weight but you can have a treat like a celebrity meal on the weekends. As the contestants did on Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, they had to compete for better food other than rice and beans! 

But what kind of food did they compete for? A contestant revealed here that one of their winning meals was crocodile feet! No wonder Emily Atack lost so much weight!

So, if you want to lose a stone, then eat just rice and beans for three weeks!

Here is a typical plan:

Breakfast: Half a can of beans mixed with half a packet of microwave wholemeal brown rice.

Lunch: Half a can of beans mixed with half a packet of microwave wholemeal brown rice.

Dinner: Half a can of beans mixed with half a packet of microwave wholemeal brown rice.

If you are hungry in between meals then eat salad or vegetables. No fruit.

At the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday, you can treat yourself to a different meal adding protein to it. Do not drink alcohol.

You can have green tea or Oolong tea or black coffee with sweetener (stevia is best).

Try it for 3 weeks.


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