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An Exercise Regime That Will Fire Up Your Metabolism

Do you need an exercise regime that will help you lose weight fast?

If so, then here are three videos of workouts that I have found on Youtube just by chance. I was looking for an easy exercise regime that would ultimately do the trick for me and help me lose weight fast. I was certain I wouldn't find one until I looked on Youtube. 
Now, I am going to share all three right here... for you all to see.

I have used these videos for my workout. When I discovered them, I started immediately whilst I was on The Chemical Diet (a one-week healthy diet that can help you lose one stone), I was amazingly shocked how much weight I had lost in that week. In just three days, the workout made me lose more pounds than I could have imagined. Instead of losing two pounds per day like The Chemical Diet suggests, I lost 3 pounds per day just by adding in this workout regime. If you don't believe me, then try it out for yourself like I did.

The regime is so easy to do that anyone can do it. Slow stretching exercises combined with fast pace movement can raise your metabolism quicker than you think. I have given this a go and believe me it works. 

If you are eating healthily whilst doing the following exercise regime or are doing a special diet (ie... Slimming World, Weight Watchers, 5:2 diet or the Exante Diet), then you will lose even more pounds. The workout is designed to fire up the metabolism and it will surely boost your weight loss considerably.

So, what exercises do you have to do?

The exercises are a range of squats and slow movements with some fast-moving aerobic like workouts incorporated into it.

I found it so easy. All you have to do is follow one of the videos below. Do exercise and eat healthily. You will eventually see your weight come down. You have to stick to it! Do not eat any sugar. Keep up your willpower and keep going no matter what and you will see the weight fall off!

So, here is the first video that I used, because it is easier. It is a workout that is just seven minutes long.

This is a 30-minute workout that I did once I found that I could do much more than the one before.

If you think you can do more in your workout, then here is Jillian Michaels exercise program for a faster metabolism. It's a stomach workout.

Check out her app:

So, if you do these workouts, let us know what you think and how you got on.

Thanks for reading...


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