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The One Week Egg Diet Plan

Do you want to lose one stone? If you do, then you will like this diet. It will surely help your body to lose weight fast and it's another Chemical Diet plan where you can lose a stone in one week.

The one-week egg diet is another chemical diet plan but with a different menu food plan. It is similar to the Chemical Diet, which I wrote about recently. The Egg diet plan can help you lose weight fast.

You can lose one stone in a week doing this diet. All you have to do is follow the food plan that I have listed below.

I have tried the Egg Diet and it definitely works. The difference is you have to eat quite a few eggs in a week, so if you don't enjoy eggs then it's not for you.

Here is the Egg Diet food plan:

Day 1

Breakfast:         1 slice of dry toast (wholemeal bread) and 1 large grilled tomato
Lunch:                Any amount of any fresh fruit
Dinner:               2 hard-boiled eggs, salad, and 1 grapefruit
Day 2

Breakfast:         1 grapefruit and 1 boiled egg
Lunch:                Roast chicken (any amount) and 2 large fresh tomatoes
Dinner:               1 small grilled steak and salad
Day 3

Breakfast:        1 grapefruit and 1 boiled egg
Lunch:               2 hard-boiled eggs and salad
Dinner:              2 grilled lamb chops, celery, and cucumber
Day 4

Breakfast:         1 slice of dry toast (wholemeal bread) and 2 poached eggs
Lunch:                Any amount of any fresh fruit
Dinner:               2 grilled lamb chops, celery, and cucumber
Day 5

Breakfast:        1 slice of dry toast (wholemeal bread) and 2 poached eggs
Lunch:               2 poached eggs and 2 large fresh tomatoes
Dinner:              Fresh or tinned fish (in spring water) and salad
Day 6

Breakfast:        1 boiled egg and 1 glass of fresh grapefruit juice
Lunch:               Any amount of any fresh fruit
Dinner:             Roast chicken, carrots and cabbage
Day 7

Breakfast:       2 scrambled eggs and 1 large grilled tomato
Lunch:              2 poached eggs and spinach
Dinner:            1 small grilled steak and salad

Do not follow this diet for more than a week.

Special notes:

Don't eat anything that is not included in the food plan not included above.

No substitutes allowed.

Eat only what is shown or do without.

No eating between meals.

No alcoholic drinks, milk, butter, oil or fat.

You can swap days around as long as you eat exactly what is shown.

Allowed drinks: 
Black coffee, black tea, lemon tea, fresh grapefruit juice, tonic water, soda water, (no more than 3 cups of these drinks daily). You can have unlimited amounts of still water daily. No sweeteners are allowed.

Eat Salad which should consist of: 
Lettuce, tomato, and celery only. No salad dressing or vinegar is allowed.
You may season your food with pepper and spices.

Try the Egg Diet and see how it works for you. If you exercise, then you will lose more pounds but you don't need to work out if you don't want to. 

Good luck. 


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  4. It is good if you can actually eat that much egg, unfortunately I can not, I have egg allergy. So I can recommend to people like me to chose dr simeons diet with Anat Stern- diet is super cool, I managed to lose 13 kilos in 40 days, and this weight had never came back, so I am really satisfied with my result.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information.

    2. I have seen this post promoting this "Dr Simeon diet with Anat Stern" on other comment threads, and it seems that it involves taking HCG hormone - really? - and this is ok for the general public to mess with? Would be pleased to hear some informed background info on it, such as in this blog.

    3. Thanks for your comment. I will look into it.


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