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How One Woman Drank Green Tea and Lost 8 Stone

Is it possible to lose weight by drinking at least six cups of Green tea every day? Can you lose weight fast by drinking Green tea?

Find out how one person did this...
I love drinking green tea every day and I have done so for one year now. It helped me to lose weight fast and it curbed my bad eating habits. I usually drink three to four cups per day but now I think I will drink more of it.

I know some people may not like green tea but there are other green teas out there that taste great. I usually go for the lemon green tea which can be found in all supermarkets these days. If you want to pay a bit more you can buy some great green teas on Amazon that will work wonders with your metabolism.

So, do you want to lose weight? Have you got a sluggish metabolism? Do you have trouble dieting? If so, then try green tea and read on.

How Can You Lose Weight Drinking Green Tea?
You may be wondering how you can lose a considerable amount of weight by drinking at least six cups of green tea each day. It can easily be done if you don't mind drinking green tea. Instead of drinking normal milky English breakfast tea just have lemon green tea or ordinary green tea or any kind of green tea. It will benefit your weight loss if you drink this instead. I know this because I have drunk it myself and I have lost three stone within the year.

So, I decided to find out more about green tea to see what other people thought of it and in doing so, I found out something unique that made me see the importance of drinking green tea.

I have searched for proof and claims about this online. I found out that there are a few people around who have drunk at least six cups of green tea every day and have lost quite a bit of weight from doing so. The green tea curbs your appetite if it is drunk regularly throughout the day. It will also burn fat in the stomach and help your metabolism to run smoothly. It also gives plenty of health benefits when you drink it every day. It's a real benefit that shouldn't be dismissed.

So, why wouldn’t anyone want to try it? Perhaps, the taste isn’t to your liking or you can’t be bothered but if you are willing to give it a try like I did, then it will grow on you as it did for me. It won’t hurt to try one cup of green tea and if you are desperate to lose weight then you must give it a go.

When you read what I found out, I think you will definitely want to give green tea a try. Buy a pack of green tea from Tesco or Asda or any supermarket anywhere in the world. Start off slow. Drink one or two cups a day first and don’t give up your coffee but try to not have more than one milky tea English breakfast tea per day or simply cut down on the milk in your tea. I don’t drink milky tea anymore. I have given it up.

Proof that Green Tea Promotes Weight Loss 
According to The Sun newspaper, it can be done. A woman claimed in August 2015 that she lost eight stone in a year from drinking Green tea. She was 17 stone and went down to 9 stone in a year. Isn't that incredible? 

She started drinking four cups of green tea per day and lost one stone in a month. Then she began to drink nine cups of green tea each day and she couldn't believe how much difference it made, she says in The Sun Newspaper. She states, "Some people eat five portions of fruit and veg a day - I consume green tea." She became a size ten thanks to drinking green tea. She claims that drinking green tea helped her considerably and motivated her to eat better. She eventually started to eat healthier foods because she was drinking green tea.

You might think this is too good to be true but a study suggests that green tea could be the secret to having a smaller waistline. 

You can read more about this story on the Mail Online.

It states in The Sun Newspaper that Scientists from Poznan University, Poland, found an extract in green tea reduces the amount of starch we absorb from food during meals, helping us keep off the pounds.

Below is the diet that she used whilst drinking green tea.

Breakfast: Green tea and bowl of porridge

Lunch: Chicken with vegetables

Dinner: Lasagne

Snacks: Cup of green tea every hour at work, followed by a final cup at 8 pm

So, give it a try. Drink nine cups of green tea every day and see what happens. I regularly, drink green tea but now I will up my intake and drink nine cups per day to see what will happen.

Why not try it yourself! I challenge you! 

Copyright Denise Larkin 2018


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