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How Much Weight Can You Lose in Two Days?

I had a wedding to attend and I was desperate to lose weight fast. I wanted to get into a dress that I wanted to wear and look good in it so I found the following diet where I could lose weight in two days. Now, it wasn't like doing the Chemical Diet because it was much harder but I was determined. I made sure I had the willpower to do the diet for those two days.

Read on and see the diet plan I used...

So, for two days, I tried to eat a lot less to lose weight fast. You may wonder how I did this! It wasn't like the Chemical Diet Plan at all which is a 7-day diet where you can lose up to one stone.

Well, I read how you could lose at least half a stone by eating less in a healthy way for two days and then eating normally the rest of the time. 

So, I tried this way of eating for two days on the following food plan. I still ate food, but less food. I did it and it was hard but I was determined to lose the weight and I did. I lost half a stone!

I am also Diabetic so it was a good way to get my Diabetes into check and lower my glucose levels as they were high at the time. The plan is completely safe for Diabetics and it's only for two days. It will do you no harm to do it!

Here is my two-day food diet plan. Eggs will be part of my diet. Check it out below!

You MUST only eat/drink what is on this list for it to work

1 soft or a hard-boiled egg
1 mug of oolong tea (Chinese tea with no sugar or sweetener in it) 


2 hard-boiled eggs
1 mug oolong tea - no sugar or sweetener


1 fresh fish grilled or tin of tuna in spring water or 1 grilled steak127 calories served with some lettuce and cucumber - NO seasoning
1 mug of Oolong tea - no sugar or sweetener

Before Bed: 1 mug of Oolong tea - no sugar or sweetener

You can drink Green tea instead of Oolong tea if you prefer or ordinary breakfast tea but do not use milk - Stevia sweeteners are allowed. Coffee is allowed but without milk or sugar - or use Stevia sweeteners.

You can buy Chinese Oolong tea on Amazon or at Holland and Barrett.

You must also drink a glass of water when you wake up (before breakfast), another between breakfast and lunch, another before lunch, another between lunch and dinner, another before dinner, another within an hour or two after dinner, and one more before bed. Put nothing in your water.

If anyone else tries this two-day eating plan, then please comment to let us know how you got on.


Well, I did this diet for two days and I lost half a stone in weight. I haven't put the weight back on yet either. I will continue with this diet from today for three days because it seems to work. After three days I will eat normally, but I will eat no more than 1200 calories.

Read more about the diets that I have talked about on my blog Skinny is Best.


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