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The Dukan Diet's Food Plan is Better and Healthier

The Dukan Diet's food plan is better and healthier. Now it's an acceptable diet plan to help you lose weight faster and better.

The eating plan now adds wholemeal bread, fruit, starchy foods and one celebration meal per week. You will lose weight gradually and healthily on the new plan.

On the new Dukan Diet plan, you can eat protein for a minimum of one day or longer (no more than 5 days), then you add on foods each day for a week and then start with protein for one day again.

Previously, the Dukan Diet was much harder to do, but you could succeed to lose a mega amount of pounds in the process. I know this because I did the diet myself and lost a stone in three weeks. Now, the diet is much easier for those who don't want to stick to a strict food plan.

Here is the food plan you can follow on the Dukan Diet:

Meal Plan:

Monday - Eat protein all-day

Tuesday - Eat protein along with vegetables on this day

Wednesday - protein, vegetables and add fruit on this day

Thursday - protein, vegetables, fruit, and bread

Friday - protein, vegetables, fruit, bread, and cheese eg. goats cheese

Saturday - protein, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, and carbs eg. tandoori chicken with red lentil dhal

Sunday - celebration meal - This is a three-course meal with a small glass of wine

After the first week, you can continue on with the diet as set out in the above meal plan. Make sure not to overeat on fruit.

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  2. I started the diet weighing 10 stone and 3 days in I now weigh 9 st 8 lbs. I stuck to it and did find I was hungry at night time but did not give in. I will continue for another day but don't want to lose too much. I may consider doing it for 3 days each week. May thanks.


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